The motorbike licence is an authorisation to be able to drive 2-wheeled motor vehicles or quadricycles which varies according to the category of letters displayed on the licence. The person who wants to have the license must know all before taking the tests for driving safety. The categories of the motorcycle license are: license A, AM, A1, A2, B and B1.

Motorcycle licence information and category

Licence A is divided into two, A and A2. The A2 licence is reserved for adults because it gives access to motorcycles with a more powerful engine. In order to have the A licence, it is necessary to have two years of experience and training at the time set by the motorcycle school and no longer take the test if the person already has the A2 licence. There is also the AM and A1 licence, which is reserved for young people and gives them access to small motorcycles. The A1 and A2 licences have the same training fee because they are the basis for having the A licence. The B and B1 motorcycle licences have a higher rate because it is reserved for the more experienced biker who wants to drive heavy tricycles and quadricycles. The rates are per hour of driving which gives the customer a fair price.

Road tests and choice of motorcycle school

To get a license, learning the rules of the road is mandatory and must know all the codes. The traffic rules are the most useful for motorcyclists, to reduce accidents and speeding and to know how to behave on the road. Depending on the motorcycle school, the price of the code exam and the price of the motorcycle license are separate. It is necessary to choose the best ones to have more experience with an experienced instructor, but with a slightly more expensive price or at the best price. They are the ones who give the date to take a code and driving test according to your driving behaviour.

The budget to be planned

It is necessary to inform the school motorcycles to calculate the budgets to have a motorcycle license. The rates of driving lessons per hour and the highway codes are priority. Rates for track tests and codes. Equipment is mandatory, especially helmets. Most of the motorcycle schools offer average cash packages to fix the driving hours and the days of exams. So the budget to pass the motorcycle licence depends on the motorcycle school because they do not have the same teaching rates. But you have to choose the best with the right price.