Choosing the right brake oil is not always easy, especially since there are many different types and classes of car brake fluid. Here are some tips to help you buy the right brake fluid for your car.

The Importance of DOT Rating

Every time you go to buy brake fluid, you will always face a DOT rating. But very few people know what this rating really means, yet this rating plays a major role in the quality, efficiency and compatibility of your brake fluid with your vehicle's braking system. In fact, it's an indication of the class of each brake oil available on the market. For example, you can frequently find DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5 ratings on the different types of brake fluid regardless of which brand you prefer. This indication informs you about the safety standards appropriate for the type of car you have, but it also has an influence on the type of driving that is suitable, since the number after the DOT notation corresponds to the boiling temperature of each car brake fluid. If you choose DOT 3, for example, this corresponds to a boiling temperature of 205°C dry and 140°C wet. For DOT 4, on the other hand, the boiling temperature is 230°C dry and 155°C wet. For DOT 5, the boiling temperature is 260°C dry and 180°C wet.

How to choose your car brake fluid?

You can't make your choice of brake fluid in any way without taking into account certain criteria if you don't want to take any risks. First of all, it is important to specify that the choice of car brake fluid is essentially based on the DOT that the car manufacturers initially used on the braking system. In fact, using a different brake fluid than the one that was used during construction will damage the mechanism, which means that your brakes will malfunction or worse, that the brakes simply won't work anymore. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, it is then advisable to consult the manufacturer's manual before making your purchase. In addition, it is brought to your attention that the different DOTs also correspond to very specific uses. DOT 3 brake fluid, for example, has a specific consistency and composition that makes it more suitable for normal driving. DOT 4 brake fluid is the most common because it is of better quality than DOT 3. Finally, DOT 5 brake fluid is much less viscous and of higher quality, making it more suitable for sports driving.

How often should I change my brake fluid?

Car brake fluid plays a very important role in a car's braking system. In fact, this agent is responsible for transmitting the mechanical forces that you exert each time you press the brake pedal to the caliper. This transmission of forces is done by a mechanism that displaces the volume of brake fluid in the cylinder, which then distributes it to the calipers. The energy released by this transmission of force is then converted into heat to allow the brake system to function properly. In other words, changing your car brake fluid is essential if you want to stay safe every time you drive. Professionals therefore suggest that car users frequently check the brake fluid level in their cars to make sure that it is not depleted during a journey, for example, at the risk of causing an accident. However, you will not check your brake fluid level every day on every trip either, as there is a sort of optimal frequency for this check. It is therefore advisable to do it at least every three months, or when you have braking problems, even if this period has not yet elapsed.

Buying online: what are the advantages?

Like all car products and accessories, it is nowadays possible to buy brake fluid online by going to a specialized shop. Many owners prefer this solution because it offers several advantages to buyers. First of all, the ease of purchase, which saves you a lot of time since you just have to find the right site, place an order and wait for the car brake fluid to be delivered to your home. What's more, delivery is usually free for most online specialty store sites. Then, by making your purchase online, you can have a wide range of choices in terms of quality, i.e. class, brands and price. For the price in particular, apart from avoiding unnecessary travel, you can also get car brake fluid at the best market prices when you make your online purchase. However, there are several shops that will offer you different offers in terms of these selection criteria. Thus, it will be necessary to peel these offers one by one to identify the best of all, in particular the one which will allow you to buy a quality product at an affordable price, and which proposes to you at the same time a fast delivery.