Are you looking for a vehicle that combines the functionality of a utility vehicle with the comfort of a passenger car? Opt for a ludospace or a combispace. Indeed, it is by combining these 2 concepts that this type of car was born. Find in this article everything you need to know about this type of car.

What are minivans and combispaces?

The ludospace and combispace are family cars. The vehicle has a cubic shape inspired by a light commercial vehicle. The means of transport is distinguished by its medium size. It should be noted that these two terms have the same definition. In addition, this type of means of transport is a good alternative to compact MPVs. Its appearance is somewhere between a minivan and a city car. Nevertheless, some users feel that its design seems more rudimentary compared to that of MPVs. As a reminder, this category of car appeared in 1996 in Europe. Moreover, cars have had difficulty winning the hearts of drivers. Today, however, the model is extremely sought-after because of its many features.

The advantages of minivans and combispaces

Comfort remains the main advantage of recreational and combispaces. Indeed, the manufacture of this type of car was motivated by the demands of professionals. Thus, manufacturers have embarked on the configuration of a utility vehicle that offers a good level of driving comfort. The position of the driver's seat seems higher, which implies excellent visibility. In addition, price is one of the major advantages of this means of transport. As the engine power is limited, the vehicle reduces the risk of road accidents. In addition to these advantages, the vehicle is also very practical. The size of the utility vehicle offers a very spacious boot with a capacity of up to 600 litres.

Who are minivans and combi-vans for?

MPVs and combi-vans are mainly intended for family audiences. As a result, the comfort of the seats, the size of the passenger compartment and the volume of the boot perfectly satisfy the space and comfort needs of large families. This type of utility vehicle is all the more aimed at outdoor enthusiasts who require a large storage space to carry their equipment. It is also suitable for craftsmen who use a utility car during the week and a minivan on weekends. What's more, you benefit from a wide choice of models on the market.