When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety must be the top priority. Wearing the right equipment, which includes a helmet, is therefore essential, and there are a large number of helmets on the market. In view of this wide choice, many motorcyclists nowadays choose the adjustable helmet. This article explains why.

What is the adjustable helmet?

Also called "Modular", it is a helmet that looks like a full face helmet, but with the chin strap up. When this is the case, the helmet then takes on the look and functionality of a jet. It is therefore, in a way, a two-in-one accessory. Nowadays, the modular helmet is increasingly appreciated by two-wheelers. Thanks to its many advantages, it can be used both on the road and in the city. Typically, a model of this kind has a double approval, i.e. integral and jet. If this is not the case, it can only be worn either open or closed. Fortunately, there are many specialists available to help you choose your adjustable helmet.

The advantages of an adjustable helmet

The adjustable motorcycle helmet is very popular because it offers a wide range of options. Its main asset is its ability to provide the advantages of a full-face helmet, but without the disadvantages. In particular, it guarantees maximum safety in full face mode, for example during high-speed journeys. With the chinstrap down, it offers you better protection, unlike open models. However, in full mode, it can give you a feeling of confinement, which can be annoying during hot weather. In these cases, the chinrest can be raised for added convenience. In jet mode, it offers maximum ventilation. The removable chinrest is also very practical for a quick changeover or a road check. The biker only has to lift it up, rather than removing it completely from his head. On the aesthetic side, a modular helmet offers a real plus thanks to its vintage look, which is very much in vogue today. A modular helmet offers the protection of a full-face helmet, while benefiting from the retro look and other advantages of a jet.

How to choose your modular helmet

A helmet is often expensive. It is then advisable to take some precautions at the time of purchase, especially for a modular helmet. In particular, it is essential to test the helmet before buying. This step ensures that it is the right size and fits your head perfectly. In addition, once the chin strap is down, the chin should not bump against it, to avoid jaw injuries in case of an accident. Next, it is important to check the certification. In this case, double homologation is ideal, since it guarantees versatile use. This is because only helmets that are approved for both full-face and jet use can be worn either open or closed, depending on the driver's needs. The driver will then have the choice between wearing it in full or jet mode. Otherwise, the helmet must be worn only closed or only open, depending on its approval. You should also choose your helmet according to the specifics of your chin strap. Ideally, the chin strap should be equipped with a one-button opening system instead of two. This will allow the driver to operate it with one hand. Finally, weight is an essential criterion for choosing the right equipment. Modular motorcycle helmets are generally heavier than other varieties. It is therefore important not to choose a model that is too heavy, so as not to tire the cervical vertebrae. This is especially the case for long journeys or when the driver is used to driving fast.