Choose the car of your dreams

What's the best car for you? It's the one you like, it's comfortable and you'll like to be seen behind the wheel.

Model and brand

Model and brand

You can choose between the estate car for a family, the coupé for a single person, the sports car.

New or used

New or used

A new motor vehicle offers a wide variety of choices and customization. While a used car allows you to get a good deal.

Gasoline or diesel

Gasoline or diesel

There are advantages for each type of fuel: petrol saves on car insurance and diesel on expenses at the pump.

Online car rental

Renting a car is advantageous on several points. You have the freedom to choose between several car models. Moreover, you can drive a new car without being limited by the investment you would have had to make to buy it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or where to park the vehicle.

It’s easy to rent a car online. Even if you decide to rent at the last minute. All you have to do is specify where you’re leaving from, when you need the car, and when you’ll return it. Afterwards, you’ll just have to choose from the available cars.
A rental car can be provided to you in several ways. If you wish to rent a car for a longer period of time, professional rental will be offered. If you wish, a car with driver can also be sent to you. For a rental of a few hours, car-sharing or car rental between private individuals will be more suitable.

Car mechanics

Car mechanics

Carry out the technical inspection

Part of the car regulations, the 138 technical control points guarantee your comfort and safety at the wheel.

Have your car serviced

A seasoned professional can handle any car model, from electric cars to retro cars.

All repair work

Repairs can be carried out on operating elements such as the engine and tyres, but also on self-connected gadgets.

Financing: take advantage of a car-motorcycle loan

Financing your vehicle with a car loan, or motorcycle credit, allows you to buy a car or motorcycle with better conditions than personal credit. Indeed, you are protected from the default of the seller, at the time of the loan. More information by visiting Motorradan-Verkauf

The cheapest motorcycle insurance

Sportbike Insurance

Motorsport enthusiast? Be aware that sport motorcycles have one of the lowest insurance costs. Go ahead with your eyes closed! Find more motorcycle insurance options on Motorcycling GB.

Road motorcycle insurance

Mainly used by experienced riders, street bikes benefit from relatively affordable motorcycle insurance.

Scooter and moped insurance

A scooter is more expensive to insure because of its frequency of use and its rider who may not be licensed.

Road safety for motorcyclists

To be safe, obey the rules of the road. Also always be visible and don't forget your motorcycle helmet.

Daily car maintenance

Daily car maintenance

Remember to open your hood every day to check coolant, brake and power steering fluid levels, as well as engine oil. A problem with these fluids can cause serious damage to your vehicle and your person. Checking the battery charge is also essential. Also check the battery terminals and fasteners to avoid accidents. In addition, the tyres and brakes must be inspected. If the tyres are worn, it is important to choose the same tyres for each axle. In addition, avoid driving a car whose brakes produce noise (shock or squeaking), and contact a mechanic immediately, more on